Fruitarian: How to Lose Weight, Feel Great & Improve Your Health with the Fruit Diet, Audiobook

by Barb Stone

Harness the power of the fruit diet! Lose weight, boost your energy levels and feel fantastic! Are you ready to improve your life with the fruit diet? If so you've come to the right place.

Here's a preview of what this fruitarian diet book contains:

An overview of fruitarianism
The beauty of being a fruitarian
Is the fruitarian diet right for you?
The select few who should not implement a fruit based diet
The typical fruitarian diet
Simple fruits explained
Compound fruits explained
Nuts and seeds - a necessity for the fruitarian?
Transitioning to the fruitarian diet correctly
Understanding the different fruitarian diets
Developing your new meal plan
A plethora of fruitarian diet recipes for you to enjoy!
Buying, storing, and preserving fruits
And much, much more!