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  • Spain
🍉I help people to heal themselves with fruit, nature, meditation and sport 🧘🏼‍♀️Hinduism

Wendy van der Grinten


  • Spain
Wendy van der Grinten, Energetic Naturopathic Therapist (E.E.N.®), Theta®Healer, Reiki Master, certified Merkaba® Healer, Author and Teacher. She has been 100% Raw Vegan since the end of 2015, and the change of diet supported her healing from multiple chronic conditions. With 17 years of expe...

Jason Tsellos


  • Greece
Since I was just a child, the observation of the widespread physical and mental suffering to individuals (including myself) living in the modern society, in contrast with the joy that was offered generously when living according to natural laws, caught my attention. So, although my ignorance almost...



  • United States
5+ yrs WHOLE FOOD ‘RAW’ VEGAN Helping food lovers eat the way Mother Nature intended

Eli Martyr


  • Canada
The glories of the soul and spirit await recognition in all humans, but our chaotic thought and emotional landscape bar access to those glories, not too mention sick, clogged up physical bodies as well. Those who wish to commit to the path of learning, shatter old archaic belief systems that have le...

Freelee The Banana Girl

rawtill4offgridnutritionweight loss

  • Australia
"You must understand this. You are NOT fat. You just HAVE fat. Fat is not who you are, it's not your identity and you can begin to lose it anytime with my ebooks. I have lost 40lbs and kept it off for over 10 years. No caffeine, no drugs, no calorie restriction, no extreme exercise. How many people...

Magdalena White aka the RawCoconutGirl


  • United States
International Healer 🇵🇱🇺🇸lymphatic Iridologist, Certified Detoxification & Regeneration Specialist, Regenerative Detoxification Counselor - Fasting & Cellular Detox studied and graduated and was certified with the world-class health specialist, Robert Morse, N.D.,D.Sc.,M.H. She Cooperates and contin...

Grant Campbell

rawveganspeakerauthorathletelifestyleretreatsfruitarianminimalistbarefoot runningfruit hunterfreediver

  • Australia
Grant has been hosting the annual Fruitarian Adventure Retreats in Thailand since May 2011, and raw vegan retreats in Australia since 2007. Having completed over 70 ultramarathons (including 250km in under 35 hours without sleep) Grant takes health, fitness and recovery seriously with a long term g...



  • United States
8+ yrs 🍒 VEGAN 🌱 WHOLE FOOD & Raw Over 700 fun, raw vegan, oil-free recipes!

Ronnie Smith


  • United Kingdom
Event organizer, speaker, interviewer, raw vegan🍌

Chris Kendall


  • Sweden
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Lifestyle Coach & Raw Chef, Raw Vegan since 2004, Speaker, Author, Kendalini Yogi, Skate/Surf🧞‍♂️ Spreading✌️❤️🍌

Martin Willemoes Hansen

fastinghealthLifeFreedomThe Natural Human DietFood AddictionExerciseMind and SpiritHealth ScienceSimple Living

  • Norway
Take your Health, Life and Freedom to new heights! Accomplish this by living in accordance with your own nature and design. Important behaviours concerning diet, exercise, love and purpose will get you there.

Raphael Resch


  • Austria
Raphael grew up eating vegan after his parents joined the Seventh Day Adventist movement and embraced the vegan lifestyle in the early 1980’s. Since then, his father, previously a chef of conventional Austrian cuisine, and his Mother have been promoting holistic health and vegan cuisine as a desirab...

Jeanette Donofrio


  • United States
Regular people make regular money. Average thinking will get you an average life. And doing what everyone else is doing will just simply get you what everyone else has. But the problem is.... I don’t want what else has. I don’t want to look like everyone else. I don’t want to feel...

Damian Gardynik


  • Spain
Enpowering people to transform their health and cultivate vitality and discipline through a holistic approach 🌱

Olivia Hertzog


  • United States
👁‍🗨Upgrading health by shifting your mindset ♾️VIP community app: 200+ raw vegan recipes, retreats, etc € 1:1 mentorship


offgridnutritionjuicingrawvegannutritionistfastinglifestylemindsethealingbreatharianismfruitariandetoxminimalistbarefoot runningfruit hunterFreedomThe Natural Human DietFood AddictionMind and Spiritfrugivoreveganjungle

  • United States
free human co-creating heaven on earth

Ted Carr


  • Canada
Fruitarian 10+ yrs 🍎 I'm the guy vegans go to when they need to make more money with online coaching or build a sexier body on a fruit based diet

Dr. Benjamin Benulis


  • United States
Remember when they tried to bribe you with donuts, beer and cold hard cash to get you to take ''your'' shots. How come they've still never tried to bribe you to eat healthy and exercise?

Dr. Doug Graham


  • United Kingdom
Lifetime athlete, raw fooder since 1978. 🍌🍒🍇 Author of “The 80/10/10 Diet” & “Perpetual Health 365” 📗📘



  • Romania
Plant based since 2016, fruit based since 2020 From Romania🇷🇴 & Sweden🇸🇪

Gillian Berry


  • Canada
You are what you eat. I would definitely not be who I am today or where I am today had I not transitioned to a Raw living foods diet. I don't think people realize just how much what they eat affects them and what ends up happening in their lives. This diet raises your vibration in a major way, so yo...

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