Prof. Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System: Annotated, Revised, and Edited by Prof. Spira

by Arnold Ehret


  • $14.95
Warning! Many of the foods that YOU thought to be Safe and Healthy are Creating SLIME inside YOUR BODY!

Discover The Simplest and Most Powerful NATURAL lifestyle secret that has IMPROVED the lives of THOUSANDS!

Professor Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless diet healing system: Annotated, Revised, and Edited by Prof. Spira contains one of the most profound revelations of the 21st century: that mucus-forming foods are unnat...

The Rainbow Island Cleanse

by Chris Kendall RHN

dietfruitarianismlifestyleguidehealingdetoxmonomealrecipesmealplanNatural hygieneYoga

  • $29.95
Natually Ashley and I have turned our wildly successful group cleanse into a full ebook program!

Its called the “Rainbow Island Cleanse” and unlike other physical detox programs this is a full body, mind, spirit chakra cleansing awareness adventure!

Click the link to learn more!

Create Health: Reverse Autoimmune Disease Without Drugs or Their Side Effects

by Benjamin Benulis


  • $14.95
A young woman walks into a doctor’s office. Over the past few months she has made radical changes to her diet and her lifestyle. Her doctor, puzzled, goes over her newest bloodwork with her, telling her that it inexplicably shows complete remission of her autoimmune condition. She smiles knowing the changes she made have provided her body the conditions it needed to completely heal itself.

Autoimmune diseases are...

101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes

by Chris Kendall RHN

fruitarianismrecipesNatural hygiene

  • $9.95
The best of the best simple hygienic low fat 80/10/10 style Raw Recipes without the Salt, Oil, & Raw Junk Food ingredients common in many Raw Recipes!

Bringing the Simplicity of Mother Natures Perfection into your Kitchen!

The Detox Mono Diet: The Miracle Grape Cure and Other Cleansing Diets

by Christopher Vasey N.D.


  • $12.95
An introduction to the healing effects of fasting using just one type of food

• Includes Johanna Brandt’s grape cure with the author’s advice and commentary

• Explains why mono diets are so effective at cleansing and restoring the internal cellular environment

• Shows how to interpret your body’s signals to adapt the diet to your unique needs

The grape cure, the lemon cure, the maple syrup cure, and the a...

Mastering Diabetes: The Revolutionary Method to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes

by Cyrus Khambatta PhD and Robby Barbaro MPH


  • $28.00 $23.12
A groundbreaking method to master all types of diabetes by reversing insulin resistance.

Current medical wisdom advises that anyone suffering from diabetes or prediabetes should eat a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. But in this revolutionary book, Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, and Robby Barbaro, MPH, rely on a century of research to show that advice is misguided. While it may improve short-term blood glucose control, suc...

The Grape Cure

by Johanna Brandt


  • $9.95
This classic is still making its mark over 80 years since its debut. Author Johanna Brandt shares a personal journey of living with cancer and her discovery of how the beneficial properties of grapes cured her disease by refreshing and purifying cell structures. The virtues of naturopathy are extolled, and readers are encouraged to detoxify their bodies and prevent disease (namely cancer) through a combination of fas...

Naturally Rawsome Dressings

by Chris Kendall RHN

guiderecipesNatural hygiene

  • $14.95
A step by step recipe guide filled with the best of the best low fat, rawsome dressings for salads, stews and noodles!
All the recipes are oil free, salt free, nut free, gluten free, and FULL of flavour, sure to help you stay raw bringing more healthy options to your loved ones!

Fruitarian: How to Lose Weight, Feel Great & Improve Your Health with the Fruit Diet, Audiobook

by Barb Stone


  • $5.99
Harness the power of the fruit diet! Lose weight, boost your energy levels and feel fantastic! Are you ready to improve your life with the fruit diet? If so you've come to the right place.

Here's a preview of what this fruitarian diet book contains:

An overview of fruitarianism
The beauty of being a fruitarian
Is the fruitarian diet right for you?
The select few who should not implement a fruit based diet

Go Fruit Yourself: Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

by Ms Freelee The Banana Girl


  • $36.95
Hi there, it's Freelee the Banana Girl here.I wrote this book in 2011. This is the second edition released in 2020. It contains my personal blog entries from November 2006 when I started myraw food journey. As you will learn, I made plenty of mistakes before I workedout the correct way to do a raw food diet. I will go over those mistakes in detail and offer more appropriate conclusions and information on how to succe...

The Raw Till 4 Diet: Banana Girl Cleanse

by Ms Freelee The Banana Girl


  • $36.95
I have been writing this book my entire life. From the shameful moments I hung my head in the toilet to the times I wouldn’t eat for 8 days. It became normal for me to spend evenings alone bingeing on a loaf of bread and honey or a whole BBQ chicken. You will learn about my past of eating disorders, drug taking, and depression. By following the Raw till 4 Lifestyle I’ve finally found peace, balance, and purpose. I’ve...

Fruitarians Are The Future

by Matthew D. Warner


  • $28.99
This book was composed with the intention of providing a practical and effective entryway into the most natural and health creating diet and lifestyle. The information provided in this book is meant to address our nutritional needs and how they are sufficiently satisfied by a diet predominated by sweet fruits. I also address common myths and misinformation about a simple carbohydrate based diet and how to avoid commo...

Frickin Rawsome Pizza

by Chris Kendall RHN

transitioningrecipesLow fat

  • $29.95
After 5+ years of research and recipe development I feel so blessed to bring you the best of the best Low Fat Raw Vegan Pizza recipes possible!

I honestly feel these pizzas taste better than 99% of the cooked pizzas I have had in my life, I am excited for you to try them!

Naturally Rawsome Sauces

by Chris Kendall RHN


  • $29.95
A step by step guide to making your own flavorFULL low fat, raw vegan sauces from scratch

because… It’s all about the sauce!

The Frugivore Diet: A Healing Diet For Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Chronic Disease, and Everyday Thrivation

by Reya Steele


  • $27.99
The Frugivore Diet is the natural human diet, the diet we are biologically suited for. This book shared the secret to effortlessly maintaining your ideal weight, healing chronic disease, and thriving every day simply by eating according to human biology. Included are 133 easy, nutritious, and delicious whole-food, plant-based vegan recipes that work with your physiology to give you more energy, protect you against to...

Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise

by Anne Osborne


The author brings our attention to fruits high in calcium, like figs and oranges, as well as those high in iron like prunes, watermelons, dates, raisins and apricots. She recognizes that a fruit diet may be low in minerals unless it consists of top quality, wild, organic fruits and berries. In these situations she says that the solution is either to improve the quality of the fruit or to add good quality green vegeta...

50 More Rawsome Recipes

by Chris Kendall RHN

weightlossrecipesNatural hygiene

  • $9.95
The best of the best well Food Combined Hygienic Low Fat Raw Recipes without the Salt, Oil, Irritants & Raw Junk Food ingredients common in many Raw Recipe Books!

The 80/10/10 Diet

by Dr Douglas Graham


After more than 5 years of intensive work the definitive guide to the 80/10/10 Diet is here! Get your hands on the latest book by Dr. Douglas Graham, The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Life One Luscious Bite at a Time. If you have struggled with staying raw, would like to lose weight, or change your life for the better, look no further than this groundbreaking book.

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