Find the most ripe and delicous fruit in your area

Easily find fruits that are ripe, delicious, discounted right around the corner!

Frugivore App is like Waze or Vivino for fruits.
Benefit from community reports on best fruit deals around you and contribute yourself!

1. Scan a fruit with your phone

We use image recognition to quickly identify the type and variety of fruit.

2. Rate your purchase

Let us know how you liked it and tag the store and price.

3. Publish for others to see!

Sharing is caring - you are on your way to become a Fruit Legend

Become a local Fruit Legend

Post your fruit reviews and unlock achievements and earn badges.
You have the potential to be the first Fruit Legend in your town.

Know where to get ripe fruits nearby

The locals know what's in season and share it on the app.
Never again wonder what to buy. No more wasted time eating unripe and out of season fruits.
Only the the good stuff from now forward!

You can get notifications of new goodies if something pops on the radar!

Share your own fruit experiences

Bought some good mangoes or did you get some spoiled pineapples?
Help others out by posting your purchases so they too can find the good fruit and avoid the subpar stuff.

Learn about fruits

How long do persimmons ripen? Are mangoes in season now? How much calories in bananas?
How do you open a durian? Check our database of fruits to get fruit questions answered.

See what's currently in season

Know what will be in season and when.
Our database of fruit entries enables us to predict what will be available in the coming weeks and months.

Get notified of any new fruit that comes into season.

Follow other Frugivores

See what your friends, local Legends or your favourite Frugivores are eating.
This is way you can make sure you stay in the loop.

Get notified of any new posts your friends are making so you don't miss a beat!