Go Fruit Yourself: Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

by Ms Freelee The Banana Girl

Hi there, it's Freelee the Banana Girl here.I wrote this book in 2011. This is the second edition released in 2020. It contains my personal blog entries from November 2006 when I started myraw food journey. As you will learn, I made plenty of mistakes before I workedout the correct way to do a raw food diet. I will go over those mistakes in detail and offer more appropriate conclusions and information on how to succeed on a High Carb Raw Vegan Lifestyle.I'm not going to recommend any supplements or quick-fix gimmicks in thisbook - just honest, real advice that you can implement straight away.Includes:Food Combining Chart7 Day Meal Planner (winter edition)7 Day Meal Planner (summer edition)32 Full Color Raw Vegan High Carb RecipesVision-booking inspirationGeneral Lifestyle Tips: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise, General Hygiene and Teeth hygiene.Veganism