Fruitarians Are The Future

by Matthew D. Warner

This book was composed with the intention of providing a practical and effective entryway into the most natural and health creating diet and lifestyle. The information provided in this book is meant to address our nutritional needs and how they are sufficiently satisfied by a diet predominated by sweet fruits. I also address common myths and misinformation about a simple carbohydrate based diet and how to avoid common pitfalls that are inaccurately associated with fruits and fruit sugars. The Mono-Meal guide in this book provides 37 fruits and detailed guides on making a sufficient meal out of each fruit to satisfy your nutritional requirements. It also provides information on the seasons of the fruits and guides for the selection of the fruits. Being a fruitarian is the simplest, most efficient, most cost-effective and most delicious way to attain optimal health through a raw vegan diet. Nothing is needed beyond the food itself and the understanding of a few basic physiological principles. The information will give you a practical understanding of a frugiverous diet that will provide the confidence you need to apply these health creating nutritional principles to your current lifestyle. The Mono-Meal guide will give you a very powerful tool that can create success in your journey toward becoming a vibrantly healthy and joyful raw vegan fruitarian.