The Frugivore Diet: A Healing Diet For Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Chronic Disease, and Everyday Thrivation

by Reya Steele

The Frugivore Diet is the natural human diet, the diet we are biologically suited for. This book shared the secret to effortlessly maintaining your ideal weight, healing chronic disease, and thriving every day simply by eating according to human biology. Included are 133 easy, nutritious, and delicious whole-food, plant-based vegan recipes that work with your physiology to give you more energy, protect you against today's most common diseases, and help you maintain wellness throughout your life.

What you'll get in this book:
Discover the optimal diet for your human physiology: The Frugivore Diet.
Learn how your natural human diet will benefit your health.
Learn the 10 guidelines to help you lose weight, achieve your ideal weight, and heal disease through proper nutrition.
Practical advice and tips for getting started on The Frugivore Diet
Shopping list of the ingredients you'll need.
4-week meal plan to help you get started right away.
Nutrition facts for simple all-fruit monomeals.
133 easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes and meals made from 100% whole plants.
Bonus tips and suggestions with recipes to help you experiment and find the best and tastiest version for you
Full color photos for all recipes.
Step-by-step instructions to make all 133 meals and recipes.
Recipes for breakfasts, salads, soups and stews, dips and sauces, savory sidekicks, bountiful bowls (complete 100% whole-plants meals that satisfy), delicious desserts, and nutritious and tasty drinks.
All recipes are 100% whole-plants, vegan, oil-free, and use affordable and accessible ingredients.
Most recipes are gluten free and many recipes contain a high amount of living raw foods.
+++ A free bonus gift included in the back of the book with even more 100% whole plants recipes.