Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise

by Anne Osborne

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The author brings our attention to fruits high in calcium, like figs and oranges, as well as those high in iron like prunes, watermelons, dates, raisins and apricots. She recognizes that a fruit diet may be low in minerals unless it consists of top quality, wild, organic fruits and berries. In these situations she says that the solution is either to improve the quality of the fruit or to add good quality green vegetables to the diet. Green vegetables can have a role in healing and well being and she says that if you are attracted to them in their natural state, without salad dressing they are most likely a beneficial and she also recommends avocados as a transitional food as well as for those who are underweight. Osborne recommends only organic seeds because otherwise they are probably toxic to the human body. Fruitarianism includes chapters on raising fruitarian children, cleansing, juice fasting and sunlight as well as entire chapters devoted to many individual fruits.