Jason Tsellos

Μεξικό με φρούτα
Since I was just a child, the observation of the widespread physical and mental suffering to individuals (including myself) living in the modern society, in contrast with the joy that was offered generously when living according to natural laws, caught my attention. So, although my ignorance almost lead me to become a mechanical engineer, soon I realized seeking the secrets of health was my passion. From that moment on, Ι am devoted to lifelong education and self-experimentation trying to find out the missings links which conclude to human welfare and longevity. Presently, I am grateful for working full-time as a detoxification specialist and practical herbalist, helping other beings to escape the matrix and live a life harmonised with their deepest desires.

Services I offer:
-Complete detoxification protocol (3-month)
-Juice f(e)asting support (up to 120 days)
-Coaching session (30/60/90 minutes)
-Blood test evaluation